19+ Phrases and Words to Use in an Essay to Sound Smart
Words to Use in an Essay

19+ Phrases and Words to Use in an Essay to Sound Smart

Facing a creative block is something experienced by students frequently while handling a writing task. Even if you do have some incredible ideas in mind, it is difficult to find the words for expressing them. It is important to maintain a formal tone in academic assignments therefore particular terms and phrases are required.

Knowing exactly what sort of diction would be suitable for essays is an essential skill for students. Accurate words are always needed to strengthen an argument or establish a theory in front of your readers. By choosing the right words you prove your capability as a learned scholar. Here we have a list of words and phrases with details of how to use them. By keeping them in practice you can overcome that fear of a blank page.


Phrases and words for the introductory paragraph


The introduction of an essay is both the most important and challenging part of your essay. It should be worded in a way that catches the interest of the reader and keeps them curious. If you fail to capture their attention from the beginning, there will be no cause for them to read further. Here are some words which will be immensely helpful in beginning your essay with the right tone.


  1. Considering; in light of; in view of

In case there is a popular saying or event related to your essay’s topic, these phrases can be used. Make sure they are used to begin your statement. For instance, if your essay is about American politics you can write “Considering the electoral campaigns recently run in America…”.

  1. Firstly

Numerically presenting reasons or facts helps readers to easily understand your perspective. It gives a sense of clarity and sequence to the ideas when you go through each one separately.

  1. According to

Including a quote, opinion, or reference to research by a prominent figure lends more weight to your writing. It also shows that you have conducted an in-depth study to reach the ideas you aim to demonstrate. Instead of merely using material like that with no reference, start with “According to …”.

  1. Not many know / It is well-known

Your essay can be bringing out a fresh perspective regarding a popular issue. Or you might want to introduce your theory by relating it to an existing one. In such cases, “It is well-known…” will help you lay the foundation for further exploration. While for information that is obscure “not many know…” serves as a perfect segue.


Explanatory words and phrases


  1. In order to

This is immensely useful in both introducing and explaining a point. It helps clarify how the discussed concepts are relevant to your essay topic.

  1. To put it another way

Sometimes it takes mentioning different perspectives to explain a certain concept. Using the phrase “to put it another way…” helps connect multiple explanatory paragraphs.

  1. For a better understanding

This phrase will be most effective when you need to elaborate upon a concept. It provides a clearer view to the readers of the evidence provided by you.

  1. To put it simply

Used when elaborating upon a point in detail first then presenting a simplified version. This makes it convenient for readers with different comprehensive levels to understand it equally well.


Phrases and words to add flow and information


  1. Furthermore, Moreover, What’s more

All these phrases are suitable for delivering more reasons and knowledge in connection with your previous statements. Use “furthermore” when a previously mentioned concept needs elaboration. While “moreover” is used for places where you want to include a deviating view. For any statement that you want to add in a similar context “what’s more” works the best.

  1. Similarly, likewise

Ideas that similar to one another or connected in any other way can start with these words.

  1. Not to mention

This is used for including extra information by emphasizing the existing points.

  1. As well as

This phrase can be used instead of repeatedly adding “and” or “also” for additional points.

  1. Not only…but also

Use these for providing two parts of information in the same statement. For instance, “Not only was Jane Austen an avid reader but also passionate about writing.”


Words and phrases for contrasting and comparing


  1. However

This word aptly presents limitations to an idea or a point that disagrees with a previously mentioned statement.

  1. On the other hand

With this phrase you can introduce opposing views or a contrasting definition of similar evidence.

  1. On the contrary/ In comparison

These phrases come in handy most frequently when you need to present contrasting views.

  1. That said/ then again

If there is some doubt in the asserted points, then use these phrases. It helps in showcasing those ideas which the writer is slightly uncertain about.

  1. Yet

Another perfect word for bringing forth a contrasting view is “yet”. It can also be a suitable replacement for “but”.

  1. Having said that

This also serves as an effective replacement for “but” or “on the other hand”.


Words and phrases for conclusive paragraph


  1. To summarize

Makes it evident that you are going to go over the points mentioned earlier in a condensed manner.

  1. As it can be seen

For concluding all arguments and evidence that you provided in the essay.

  1. In conclusion

The most commonly used phrase for wrapping up your essay.


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