How to Write a Persuasive Essay?
Writing a persuasive essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essays are a part of academic writing in which reasons are supposed to be used in order to portray and proof the validity of some particular ideas. The purpose of persuasive essays is to convince the reader or the audience for a specific point of view or to encourage them to act a particular way. It is important that a persuasive essay has proper logic and sufficient amount of facts and evidences to serve as the supporting base for the argument.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay?

Writing a persuasive essay is not much of a difficult task if you know your argument and know how to support it in words. To make the persuasive essay more effective, the art of playing with the words is really important so that you can convince the reader and get into their mind through word. There are five basic steps o keep in mind before stating the writing procedure.

  • Decide your side: Before anything else, you need to decide the side of the story that you support. Taking a particular stance in the beginning so that you can easily find supporting evidence regarding the topic.
  • Understand your audience: You must know your audience. Knowing the audience helps you to use the tone and grammar that can maximize the effect on them. It will also help you t know whether or not the audience will agree with you and if not, what could be the reason. That way you can easily focus on working on the reason to convince the readers.
  • Extensive research on the topic: You must conduct an extensive research on the topic. The whole point of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader with proper factual evidences and figures. Therefore, extensive research is important in order to have complete information on the topic you are writing and most importantly, information on both side of the story. This is important as it will also help you to identify the actual pieces of information which could convince the readers more strongly against the other side of the story.
  • The structure of the essay: Think of the structure of the essay which you will use to present your points and evidences. Think of the right and most effective order to put down your supporting arguments so that they can have the maximum effect on the audiences. Remember, the order of the evidences should be logical as well.
  • Supporting evidence: Make sure that the facts you use in the support of your argument are solid and genuine since the purpose of the essay is o convince the audience with actual facts and proper figures. Therefore it is very important to use legit facts and figures to support the argument. You can collect the facts through your personal observations and during the research. However make sure that you cite all the information that you are taking from other sources to avoid plagiarism. Similarly, make sure that the statistics and figures that you use can be verified.

Compilation Of The Essay

Once you have collected all the information and decided your stance, now comes the turn of the writing procedure. The compilation of all the collected data should be done in a proper format according to the standard essay style.

  • Introduction: In the introduction paragraph, introduce your topic and the side of the story that you are supporting. Never forget to include the thesis statement in your introduction paragraph. Also state the three main supporting arguments in the thesis statement that you would be using in the body paragraphs.
  • Body: There are mostly 3 or 5 body paragraphs. Each paragraph discusses one supporting argument. You must thoroughly explain your point specifically in each paragraph with the collected factual evidences.
  • Conclusion: Conclude the essay by summarizing all the mentioned supporting arguments in the last paragraph and mentioning a quote from a leading professional of that particular industry. The quote should obviously sync with your argument so that it can create an effective impact on the audience.

Proofreading And Editing

Once the writing procedure is done, take a break. Leave the essay and refresh your mind. Once your head is clear, get back to the essay and read it thoroughly. Reading the essay with a clear mind will help you identify mistakes and errors and you can easily edit the paper to fix all the errors. Sometimes while writing in a flow you often miss out on mistakes and errors which can be identified during proofreading. Therefore, skipping proofreading and editing is not a good idea because then you could be leaving your essay with a lot of mistakes.

Persuasive essay writing is not too hard and we can also provide you with an excellently written essay to help you increase and improve your academic grades and GPA.