Best Tips & Tricks: How to Fulfil the Teachers Demands and Requirement in an Essay or in Assignment?
Teachers Demands in Assignment

Best Tips & Tricks: How to Fulfil the Teachers Demands and Requirement in an Essay or in Assignment?

The foremost principle of effective communication is knowing your readers. This point might become very confusing for students while writing papers. When you write a paper for your teacher it goes against the grain of natural communication. In a natural flow of communication, you explain a topic to someone who has no knowledge about it. In contrast, essay writing needs you to explain your topic to someone who already knows about it better than you.

Academic papers are written for a hypothetical audience group who are reading about your topic for the first time. There is a bizarre mismatch between the real readers of your writing and the ones you are supposed to be aiming for. Teachers do not assign projects lightly. Grading student’s papers are probably the most grueling task teachers do. Therefore, you need to put yourself in their shoes and answer these questions:

  • Why did my teacher give me this essay?
  • In what way does this fit with the learning goals linked to the coursework?
  • What is the importance of this topic, question, or problem that my teacher has chosen it for the class?

We are now going to explore some basic expectations and reasons behind the assignment giving pattern of your teacher. This will help you mold your essay in a better way next time and earn higher grades. Deciphering your teacher’s requirements are similar to cracking a code. They do not always state it in a straightforward manner. More often they are leaving it to you to figure it out using logic.

Teachers Expect You to Know

Most instructors have been a part of their field for so long that they have forgotten how it feels to grasp a new concept. The practices, assumptions, and culture of their area of expertise have seeped into them. Hence, they expect novices to respond to these disciples in the same way. With a teacher like that, it becomes your responsibility to shoulder the burden and get to the essence of things. You need to take the steps to meet their elevated standard. They will not step down to guide you there all the way.

Figuring Things Out is Good for You

Many teachers have succeeded as students in a less supported learning atmosphere. They are appreciative of how such limitations prepare a person for problem-solving in real life. Hence, according to them, you should be able to decipher things yourself. It will give you good beneficial practice for future years. Even those teachers who include a guidance manual with their assignment worry about it. They think they are not giving their students enough intellectual and personal challenges through their projects. Figuring out expectations that are not stated is considered a valued skill on its own.

Academic Freedom

Teachers value academic freedom. They have a firm belief that their expertise in the field grants them a few privileges. Which includes deciding what should be focused on and how the student can approach it. They are often extremely cautious of concepts or practices that are threatening to academic independence. It differs for each teacher. Some of them see specific learning goals and standard rubrics damaging to educational freedom. They are considered harmful to innovation and discovery. A standardized set of requirements might make it easier for students to know what is expected of them. But it can also endanger the scope of exploring new ideas.

Focus Upon the Verbs

While doing an assignment look for verbs like “explain”, “compare”, “reflect”, “justify” or the most often used “analyze”.  You are meant to produce a paper as a valued asset. You are communicating in a written form, emphasizing your intellectual ideas. Focusing on these verbs will help you determine how you are meant to present it.

Provide Context to Your Paper

Many teachers assign essays in a sequence. They might ask you to write about an issue several times. First, arguing in its favor.  Second, arguing for the opposing side. And third for a more nuanced and comprehensive perspective. A sequence such as that allows you to see a complex matter from all angles. If the paper is not a part of a sequenced pattern, then make yourself see where it fits in your coursework. How does it relate to the readings done for the class or previous assignments? Finding that link can help you figure out the teacher’s requirements and structure your writing accordingly.


A free-write is when you write without halting for a set length of time. The time restricts you but there are no boundaries set for the topic. You can write whatever surfaces in your mind. The concept behind this practice is making yourself write to something useful emerges. This proves to be quite useful for writer’s blocks or periods with no inspiration.

Ask for Clarifications

Even the most well-written assignments require some type of verbal explanation. Specifically, because a student’s familiarity with the area of study can vary distinctly. Inquiring for clarification is a wise practice. However, also be aware that teachers can get annoyed if they think students are not doing their own thinking. Hence your clarification must be accompanied by a message that you are prepared to be devoted to.

Handling Rubrics

You are very fortunate indeed if your teacher decides to hand over a grading rubric with the assignment details. If they are taking the trouble to distribute it, then they are sure to grade your essay according to it. They might not go through it within the class. But it is the clearest announcement of what they are expecting from you. Students might toss it into a corner of their desk without reading it. Biggest mistake ever. Read it carefully when you sit down to write your assignment. Go through it again while doing it also. There are essential points there which your teacher would be looking for in the paper you submit.

These were all the tips we had on how to understand the requirements of your instructor while writing a paper. For further help reach out to 6$essay for the best academic content online.