Rogerian Essays: Guide To Writing & Suitable Topics

Rogerian Essays: Guide To Writing & Suitable Topics

Looking for tools to crack down hard nuts? Oh, we meant are you looking for the topic to write a Rogerian essay for your academic project? Well, we can help you to make your mission accomplish. Don’t worry about your project; we have a list of topics to offer along with a few essay writing guidelines.

In case, if you are still unable to figure out what precisely Rogerian essays are, then let us reveal this secret. You know what? Rogerian essays are not the essays which are based on any science of fictional rules. In actual, Rogerian was a name of psychologists who assumed and claimed that there is only one way to make the communication adequate and that is- by negotiating on the difference of opinions to conclude the argument neutrally.

In simple words, it can be said that the Rogerian essays are the tactful description of an argument. Well, somehow we have witnessed and experienced Rogerian discussion. Yes, even you did as well! Remember the arguments you had and then recall the one where you were unable to convince someone on your point of view, and then you both ended up being in the neutral argument. Such types of arguments fall in this particular category.

 Interesting topics to write Rogerian essay

To take a start on Rogerian essays, the best technique is to shed light on the issues you or your fellows usually experience through this. You can pen down a well-structured essay. Also, the major societal conflicts could subject as a title in Rogerian essays. Now, here with the suggestion of your issues, we are not indicating to write what difficulties you are facing in essay writing or either you or your friends are facing issues in your science project. No, these are kind of different themes. It could be on the following topics:

  • The act of public smoking should be prohibited.
  • The law of penalty of death must be initiated internationally.
  • Institutes needs to change the educational system from traditional to E-learning.
  • Organization must encourage college students to participate in trade relations.
  • The rapid increase in the rate of alcohol consumption needs to be controlled.
  • By promoting the exploitation of contraceptives, teenage pregnancy can be a stopover.
  • Educationalist should focus on student-initiated system instead of a student-centric.
  • Cosmetic products or medicinal testing on animals should be ban.
  • Advantages of promoting the culture of physical-education in middle-age schools.
  • Playing a political role is an act of intellectual and not god-gifted talent.
  • The best yet effective practices that could control the increased crime rate.
  • Higher authorities of education need to bring revolution in educational systems.
  • Should the act of doing same-sex marriages consider legal or illegal?
  • Why the majority of the countries are being captured in the web of corruption?
  • Government needs to create boundaries of sharing content on social media.
  • Is youth being trapped by technological revolution?
  • The violent motion graphics in video games are impacting on children.
  • The IQ level of children could not be measured through grades.

We have summed up a complete list of topics which include some general, few controversial and interestingly argumentative topics. The provided list of topics is created based on present-time societal issues or problems. All you need to do is- select your topic and then let’s jump into the next section where we will guide you how to write on the Rogerian essays.

How to write a Rogerian essay

Writing a Rogerian essay is not like that other argumentative essays where you compare and contrast the presented opinions of different authors. If that’s what you think, then please follow the principles of patterning Rogerian essay, which we are providing below.



Before you start writing your introduction keep few things in consideration- It should have factors to hook your audience, a problem or the general conflict, a properly structured background-plot of the conflict and last one is your thesis statement which must reveal on what basis you are going to argue. If you have these elements included and well-written in your essay then congratulations, you are successfully done with the first stage of writing Rogerian essay. Now let’s jump into the next stage.

Body paragraph

First of all, note you should have at least five paragraphs, fragmented accordingly. Usually, in Rogerian essays, there are three main sides of the arguments presented. Since your body paragraphs are the crux of the essay; therefore, it should be based on three Cs- concrete, critical and concise! And yes, the most important rule of writing body paragraphs in this particular type of essay is, if your first paragraph is patterning the one side of the argument then the next side should indicate the other side and the last ones must settle on a neutral tone. But, don’t sound too impulsive and avoid giving an immediate neutral result of the argument. Wait! Play on some curiosity and twisted tricks and keep your audience hanging because your conclusion part is still left.


Now comes the time where you can see, in fact, where you should reveal the finalized tone of the argument. Give the solution on the neutral bases. Do not give a biased conclusion. No, if you concluded your Rogerian essay while being biased, then you have almost lost the essence of this specific type of essay.  Be impartial and crystal clear on your given solution!

So, we have done everything for you. From topics to the writing guide, we have captivated the entire sea in a nutshell for all of our academic fellows. Then what are you waiting? Select your topic and make a perfect start of your Rogerian essay.