Got a grand test soon? Don’t know how to thoroughly study thick, boring books that put you to sleep the instant you open them? Afraid that you will get a poor grade and then a lashing from your parents? Anxious that you will not be able to beat that nerd kid who flaunts his A-grades in the entire class?

Phew. Relax. I know student life is very tough, regardless of what adults say about their professional ones. And I also know that every student wants to excel at studies. Been there, done that.

This is why I’m here to help. In this guide, I will take you through 12 tips to deal with any test. No matter how big, how tough, how important. So stick with me and you’ll become a ninja of getting the A-grades in no time.


Understand the test format


Before you jump on the bandwagon of studying, you should be aware of what you are actually doing. If you think preparing for the test is all about learning the material, then you are sadly wrong. As odd it may seem, you should make yourself familiar with the test format before studying for it. You can do this by taking diagnostic tests or going through past papers.

This is important because if you know how something is formatted, you don’t have to spend time figuring out the layout of the questions. This will also help you in deciding what to study. For example, should you focus on learning as much as you can? Or maybe you should develop analytical skills to prepare for conceptual questions?


Build an efficient timetable


Now another point is to follow a rigorous study plan that aligns with your daily schedule. For example, if there are two sections in your test and two weeks until the big day, you can choose to spend one week on each of the sections. You can skip studying on Sundays to get relax a bit.


Organize your study material


Before starting to study, you should make sure that you have all the study material available. This means your notes should be complete and you should have all the relevant past papers, books, and support material. If you need help from any services like those that write 6 Dollars Essays, contact them in advance instead of waiting till the last day. Then, organize your material accordingly.

Brownie Tip: Keep colorful pointers, highlighters and sticky notes with you. Who doesn’t like fancy stationery?


Study at an organized and clean place


Yes, this means to get rid of all the dirt, wrappers, socks, scrap papers and whatever that is not relevant to the test from the study table. Trust me, a disorganized and dirty study place will put your mood off in no time.

This is because all the unwanted stuff acts as a mere distraction. “Oh, I was looking for this earring since forever,” “Oh no! Jessica forgot her diary at my place. I should call her to inform.” And here you will call your friend and there an hour will pass in talking. Plus, if you don’t like your armchair, sell it in the garage sale.


Try not to stick to one Study Place


With that, we come to our next tip. Don’t just study in one place. Continuously sitting at the same place every day can make studying quite tedious. It can also invite severe back pain and cramps. Thus, you should prefer to walk around while studying. Or maybe you can go to another room with your books. A change in the environment will freshen your mind.


Dispose of all Distractions


Mobile Phone? Netflix? Hang out with friends? And even food? Get rid of them all. Procrastination is a curse and before you know it, you are left with no time to cover the entire course. This is why procrastination should be in your hit-list while studying. There are blogs published by various essay writing services, influencers and self-help websites that can give you tips to deal with it.


Clear concepts and write notes in your own words


No matter what the format maybe of your test, you should focus on developing a thorough understanding of your subject. You can do this by taking help from various course books, cheap essay writing services, and online videos to clear your concept. Subsequently, organize the notes and write them in your own words.


Take proper sleep


Probably the most crucial tip. Regardless of how much you have left to study, you should take 7-8 hours of sleep every day. This will keep you alert and attentive while learning. Remember by sleeping on your books you will not retain anything through Osmosis. Instead, effectively learning for even a few hours can help you greatly.


Ask for help in making assignments


Most tests require you to submit an assignment as well. This may be quite tedious because you won’t be able to spend your time properly between studying and writing the assignment. Here’s what you can do. You can ask a senior to help you in writing the assignment that will reduce your responsibility to half. Or simply you can contact affordable writing services in the USA and other countries to write your entire assignment from scratch.


Attend Review sessions


If your teacher plans review sessions on the subject, you should definitely attend them. If you think they might be a waste of time, you are unfortunately wrong. At least, I don’t endorse missing these sessions. This is because they can help you to revise all the important concepts and pick up any last tips that your teacher might have to offer.


Utilize Visual Cues


Visual cues include charts, graphs, infographics, and learning cards to help students visually learn important concepts. This has proven to be beneficial as images and colorful materials help to retain information faster. If you want these to be made for your test, you can take help from friends or simple contact affordable essay writers to do it for you.


Organize and attend group studies


Studying alone can be challenging as you might have many questions, unclear concepts, and incomplete notes. This can be solved by scheduling group studies with friends. By studying with other students, you can develop a deeper understanding of the subject. In the same way, you can aid your friends and clear your concepts by teaching them difficult course materials.

Finally, take a deep breath

I know it must be hard for you right now but optimism is the key. No matter how difficult it may seem, maintain your composure and follow these tips. Finally, practice and work hard. Good luck!