How to Write a Response or Reaction Paper?
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How to Write a Response or Reaction Paper?

Writing a response paper is more about pouring your own experience than just giving a meaning to a particular topic. In sequence, to write a response paper you should have an observing mind and judging character. A response paper is all about portraying the expression of “I”.


Now, the major thing to know about writing a response paper is that it cannot be covered on any random topic; the theme of the response paper should be of an article, speech or any other fictional thing that you yourself has experience or read.


Response paper writing can be classified into three categories and each group has a different style of writing a response paper. Of course, not each of you is supposed to write on the same category, to cater to the need of all, here we are enlightening the detailed guide on each category.


How To Write A Response Paper In College

Keep in mind that unlike other writing pieces the tone of response paper should also be formal. But instead of keeping the view, in general, you need to cover the topic in your own opinion.

Before giving your hands on response paper, there are few instructions you need to follow or in other words some important pre-essay writing tips to take in consideration.


  • Re-reading and observations are the keys to write a good response paper. The more you read the more “in-depth” expressions you can give.
  • Keep tracking your thoughts. It is better to note down your thoughts in every attempt to read, through this you can catch more points.
  • Modify key-points into the little discussion. Transforming your key-points into self-discussion can help you in checking the authenticity of your statement.
  • Once you are satisfied with your presented opinion, opt for the development of the thesis statement. In the thesis statement, just in a few sentences, you may guide your readers about a relative subject of the argument that you are bringing into the matter.


When you have cross-checked everything from pre-writing tips, now it’s time to take start on the first draft. These are the subsequent that is mandatory to state.


Introduction: Like any other writing paper you need to start this one with a strong statement too. In response paper, your first sentence should give reference to the title you have chosen and the name of the author. The concluding section of your introductory should support your thesis statement to make your general opinion exceptionally clear.

Statement of judgment: To give strong support to your opinion give your statement of self-support of “I” you may highlight the opinion with “I believe, I support, I consider” such phrases make your statement sound more supportive and strong.


How To Write A Response Paper To An Article

Similarly, like other papers, a response paper to an article requires some presets and instructions to be followed. A response to an article is basically a reaction to a particular article in which an individual or group of people record their views in quite formal aspects.

Your paper should have at least three fragmented sections to make a lasting impression of your response along with the recapitulated description of the article and your reaction to the article, in a detailed and well-organized form.


First section: Introduction of a chosen article

To present your response to an article it is mandatory to give a brief introduction about the selected article in sequence to establish a state of affairs for your readers. Following are the must-to-follow instruction to write a brief summary of the related work.

  • Quote the general information including parenthesis, for instance, introduce the author and the title of the article along with the publication date.
  • Write a summary to enlighten the subject or purpose of the article.
  • Highlight the key and supporting points of the content.
  • You may incorporate the direct quotations to portray the main and important idea of the work.
  • Make sure neither go in extraordinary detail while writing on any particular aspect of the article nor be too concise to neglect the major and important points.


Second Section: Your response to the article   

Presenting your reaction to paper must have the following elements to bring a strong reactive essence to your response.

  • Keenly focus on each question and check if any of it needs to be emphasized particularly.
  • How an article can relate to our current issues?
  • How a particular subject is relating to your experience or in what ways it is changing the horizons of your thoughts.
  • Also, you should state you would suggest the paper to others; your statement may have an authentic reason.


Third Section: Conclusion

The conclusion is the most sensitive part of every response paper. In conclusion, if you are not able to support your reaction with a sensible yet levelheaded statement, chances are you may fail to authenticate your reaction.


How To Write A Good Critical Response Paper

A critical response paper is almost like other response papers, but while writing a critical response paper one has to be very selective with the words. In order to respond on another piece of writing your own perspective should be presented in highly critique way.

Like other papers, writing critical response has this mutual regulation of endowing the readers with the brief of the subject you are responding to. The foremost part of writing a critical response paper is interpreting the content of the related paper.



Following are the questions that you need to mention to present your analysis critically.


  • Is the written statement is satisfying the purpose accurately?
  • The given information is concise, informative, too detailed or theoretical?
  • Does the presented evidence lack the supportive element?
  • Do you think the related topic could be enhanced in more improved ways? If yes, then explain how?


Apart from the interpretation, your paper must contain the mandatory sections of introduction, body, and conclusion. In the body, you may divide the section, in summary, analysis, and your critical response with highly supporting ideas and critical perspectives.

In conclusion, note that a good critical response always concludes in an exceptional and very genuine statement where an author is supposed to hold up its standpoint in a way that it impresses the readers and bring them in a status of the agreement with the presented reaction.


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How to Write A Reaction Paper

However, the reaction papers have multiple categories and each demands its own particular style of writing. Before heading towards your writing process you need to assure the category you have selected is exactly being catered with its required instructions.


What is a Reaction Paper?

A reaction paper is basically a piece of writing in which an author evaluates a particular article, book, movie or any other illusory experienced that he have acquired and then presents a personal opinion or thoughts regarding that particular illusory subject with supporting and well-defined statements.


How To Write A Reaction Paper To A Movie

Movies are often using as a tool to bring the aesthetics of “portraying skills and quality together, within the limited time and resources”. Although educating students about a cheap essay writing service on movies may sound little strange but practically it is the best way to pull out the factor of “comfort zone” It helps in developing the time management and teamwork sense. A film-production is a longest-teamwork process through which students can acquire the skills of bringing an entire crew on the same page, without being into mess.


Writing a reaction paper to a movie is a little different from writing other academic papers.  To present a rationalized reaction on a movie you must develop the filming sense first.  Following are the basic subjects that one is supposed to highlight.



This first and must-to-do thing is to make your readers know about the characters of the movie. Introducing characters beforehand saves your readers from being captured into the state of puzzlement. Be it the supporting or leading character; mention each of the character along with its performed role.


Establish the theme and story

Once you have introduced the characters, commence your readers with the title and the genre of the film, whether the film is about history, falls in the prospects of fictions or based on a true love story. Another step you must opt to along with the introduction of genre is, establishing the story of the movie, but make sure not to drag your readers with lots of information try to cover the story in summarizing manner.


The turning point and the conflicts

This is the most important part of writing a reaction paper on a movie. A turning point, events or the conflicts are the main entertaining crux of the movies. The more established and distinct the twisted plot is, the more it makes sense to the viewer.


Filming Techniques

Your research paper must have a critical analysis of the filming techniques that are being used in the movie. It could be the camera handling, lighting techniques, arrangement of dialogues, ambiance sound, props and settings or special effects.


The impression you perceived

In the end, after highlighting and revealing all imperative scenes and performances regarding a selected movie, now you have to pin down your personal opinion or the impression you perceive about a movie.  You need to write whether the story is justifying the genre of the movie, how effective the dialogues are, the events were established perfectly or either have the “missing” factor, how much entertaining and interesting essence have been embraced, and whether you are able to capture the context or a message of the movie.